Custom Built Log Cabins

Designed & Built to specification with workmanship we stand behind.

Breathtaking Blue Ridge Mountains

Quality Log Cabins Built to Blend with Mountain Beauty

Contardi Construction has been a custom home builder for the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Georgia for more than twenty years.  Bryan Contardi, owner and master builder, has a passion for building Log Cabins, Custom Homes and building in the beautiful mountains of Blue Ridge, Georgia and surrounding areas of North Georgia.  The mountains provide a peaceful and quite place to live, hike, camp, roast marshmallows, BBQ, cookouts, enjoy the outdoors, and other fun loving and life fulfilling activities for family and friends.   Can’t you just imagine all the fun life has to offer when you have a place in the mountains along a stream or on top of a ridge overlooking miles of breathtaking beauty.  It is quite amazing to see some of the Log Cabin sites being built and the luxury they can provide these days.  However, if you want more from your Log Cabin, Contardi Construction can customize a Log Cabin or Custom Home for you as well.

Blue Ridge Mountain Log Cabin Locations

If you don’t know the area and are seeking certain accommodations for your Log Cabin, Bryan, at Contardi Construction, can help you learn more about the area by understanding more about what you want from your location.  For example, if you want to be located closer to town or a community setting, prefer a creek or mountain ridge, seek paved road and/or gated community, the team at Contardi Construction is open to hearing about all your needs, so they can work hard to find you the dream location for your special home.

Log Cabin Quality Workmanship

Years of experience and care go into each of their custom built log cabins.  Contardi Construction spends time talking with the potential homeowners to determine exactly what they want from their custom home (Log Cabin).  Once everyone is satisfied with the information shared, the specifics of the location and cabin have been completed, Contardi and team go to work building the dream home with a spectacular view. Whether it is back in the mountains along a stream with the deer, squirrel, grouse and other animals or on the mountain top with eagles, hawks, the miles of beauty and blue sky, it is all spectacular and breathtaking like the woodwork and craftsmanship inside these Contardi Construction houses.  It is a sight to see.

Log Cabin Checklist

As you think through the list of things you need to consider, the Contardi team has compiled a short of list of bulleted items to check off when considering who to choose for your choice of an existing Log Cabin or new custom built Log Cabin.  Whatever you decide, Contardi Construction is excited about sharing information and providing you a roadmap to consider as they want you to be happy building and/or living in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Blue Ridge, Georgia as the community is friendly, supportive and an excellent location to raise a family or retire.

Roadmap Building Log Cabin Checklist:

  • Custom Home Building Experience
  • Understanding of Blue Ridge Mountains
  • Relationship with Community
  • Do you want to live along a creek or mountain top?
  • Do you want to live on a paved road or gate community?
  • How close to town do you want to live?
  • How big do you want your Log Cabin to be?  Square Footage?
  • Do you want 2, 3, 4, 5 or more bedrooms?
  • When do you want to be in the Log Cabin?
  • What types of floors, counter tops, fixtures do you want?
  • Does your custom builder outsource work or do it themselves?

Enjoy Winter Wonderland in the Mountains

What an exciting time it is being in the mountains when it snows all snuggled up under a blanket reading a book or watching TV while the gas logs are burning or real wood logs are crackling in the fireplace.  The four (4) seasons in the mountains have a way of taking your breath and making you stop to enjoy the little things of life; the birds chirping in the morning, frogs talking at night or hoot owls sharing their wisdom at night.  Snow in the mountains is a favorite and enjoying it in the comfort of a log cabin or custom built home is pure joy and a dream come true.

Blue Ridge Mountain and Log Cabins

It’s really a perfect match if you have been considering building and living in a log cabin.  Contardi Construction can make the process an easy one as they understand the value of the Blue Ridge Mountains, the peace and joy a log cabin will deliver when the timing is right.

If you and a loved one have been searching for an area to build a custom home in the mountains with a view, the Blue Ridge mountains will grab your heart and take your breathe as the views are spectacular. Now, you just have to decide whether you want a Log Cabin or a Custom Built Home which the Contardi Team is experienced in building either of the choices which is perfect for you.

The good news is that you cannot go wrong building in the beauty of the Blue Ridge Mountains.  The quality of the building is excellent, the community is great, outdoor enjoyment is endless, and the view is something you never get tired of seeing morning, noon or night.

The Contardi Construction Team welcomes you and would appreciate the opportunity of building you a special place to live.  Building custom homes and log cabins is their passion.