Seeking breathtaking views, cool mountain streams, high mountain tops, beautiful wooded terrain to watch deer feed, squirrels play or listen to birds sing blue ridge mountain wake-up songs while drinking a warm cup of coffee, tea or hot chocolate. Contardi Construction, Blue Ridge Custom, has been building homes for sale in and around the Blue Ridge Mountains since inception.

Bryan Contardi, owner and master builder, is committed to building quality homes that speak to your heart and make you feel at home in the mountains as he always remembers how special the Blue Ridge Mountains are to him, his family and friends. “He says, “There is something special about building a quality home for new home owners as I still remember the joy of purchasing my first house. It’s really important to me to provide my customers (existing or new home owners) a quality home that will last them a lifetime of exciting memories.”

Quality Home Building Team

Contardi Construction building team is actively building homes for sale in Blue Ridge, Georgia and surrounding areas of Georgia, North Carolina and Tennessee. Some of the local communities include: Ellijay, Georgia, Blairsville, Georgia, Hiawassee, Georgia, Copperhill, Tennessee, and Murphy, North Carolina.

From their perspective, they see the Tri-State area as a local commute to build a quality house for potential customers. Whether the house location is near a stream, on a lake, on a mountain top or in city limits, the Contardi team is open and willing to offer their mastery building services and skills to existing and potential homeowners in the Blue Ridge Mountains and Tri-State area. The company specializes in custom home building.

From time to time, the company will build a home they feel customers will appreciate. With his experienced building team, Contardi will purchase a lot, decide on a floor plan based on the layout of the land, and break ground building a house. If you like one of these homes for sale you see on the website, have any questions or see something you want added, just let them know. As mentioned earlier, Bryan has been known to build additions to houses, stand alone garages, and other building requests in between building projects, so one just has to ask for his quality master building skills, and he will do his best to schedule the project into the master building plan.

Dream Home Land Location

Any of the homes for sale can be built for you on another lot location of your choice. If you have not talked with Bryan, you should, as he is easy to work with when it comes to building your dream home. With his years of experience, he understands how important this decision is when it comes to spectacular mountain views versus

living on a swift running creek which you enjoy jumping into to cool off. I know; hard decisions, but both are a win-win scenarios. Both bring years of joy and entertainment. Another tough decision is the lake view versus mountain top view. Okay, I will hush and move on as my goal is to share and encourage.

Check out the Contardi Construction selection of Blue Ridge Mountain homes for sale and let them know which one you would like to tour.

Good luck with your decision as the mountain life is awesome. Contardi Construction looks forward to talking with you soon.